What role does Self-Care have in living abundantly?

As we touched on in our previous blog, we define abundant living as respecting your financial reality, while working diligently to eliminate debt and build wealth. It is not about living in excess, or spending for your wants before handling your needs. In fact, being mindful of your money opens the door to leisure and relaxation without stressing whether your bills are paid. But to get there, you must set short-term and long-term goals to balance your spending and saving. It requires time, patience, and faith.

And when it comes to work, American culture is very goal-oriented. Milestones. Bottom-lines. Targets. Sales numbers. Advancement. All of these things require time and hyper-focus to continuously achieve. We try to look forward to restful weekends...but let’s face it, most of our weekends are filled with the things we didn’t have time to handle during the week. Laundry, shopping, cooking, appointments, spending quality time with family. We have practice/rehearsals/events for our children’s interests.

We take care of our tasks at work. We take care of our children. We take care of our pets. Our home. Our responsibilities. But when do we take care of ourselves?

The basic definition of “self-care” is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own health, well-being, and happiness. We are better employees, better parents, better friends, and better significant others when our health, well-being, and happiness are protected. What's the old saying? Something about not being able to get water from a dry well…

Practicing self-care has to be as important as your job, and family, and home. A tired mind doesn’t make sound decisions. A tired body can’t carry a load. A tired soul can’t fully love...God or self. So, think about the things that help you relax, that help you feel refreshed. And consider how much time you allot for self-care within a week. Then consider this...even God took a full day out of 7...to rest. That’s literally 14% of His week was dedicated to rest.

We have to trust God. We have to trust that if we do our work unto Him, self-care and leisure have to be a part of that continuous plan. He is concerned about us and all of the things we need, so He understands when and we have to pull away, why we have to shut down/reboot, why we need to take time for ourselves.