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Join the STEWARDS Circle!

Transform your finances and build wealth with the STEWARD Identity™ Framework!

This membership subscription program provides a comprehensive approach to managing your finances beyond just budgeting and saving. The STEWARD Identity™ Framework helps you intentionally and purposefully align your financial decisions with your values and goals.

By implementing the principles of the STEWARD Identity™ Framework you can reach financial fulfillment with financial education, group coaching, and a community of believers who trust God, trust themselves, and trust the process.

TRUST GOD,  Trust Yourself, and Trust the Process!

Wealth & Wisdom Stewards Circle


"Just wanted to let you know I've been following my saving and cash flow plan! My credit score went up significantly in the last 6 months and I looked at my savings account and thought "WOW, now I actually have a savings!"

T. Brown                                                                     

Miami, FL

Our Coaching Process

Financial Coaching is driven by your needs. We partner with you and hold you accountable to:

  • Determine your vision for financial success

  • Identify your core values, strengths and priorities so you can better leverage and honor them in the pursuit of your financial goals

  • Break down your financial goals into small, achievable action steps that are big enough to move you forward and small enough to be realistic

  • Develop new best practices for financial management

  • Identify and re-work negative perspectives, patterns or old ways of thinking that no longer serve you or the pursuit of your  financial goals

  • Determine what will best motivate you and hold you accountable to your goals

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