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What is Financial Coaching?

We have expertise in the entire financial life-cycle, so we are able to counsel and coach clients at any point in their financial journey.  We can successfully help you overcome a financial crisis, reduce debt, modify ineffective money management behaviors, build an effective cash flow plan while providing strong financial education so you can meet your short-term needs and long-term goals. 
Our clients experience increases in savings, improvement in debt management and establish good financial behaviors.
They also experience lower financial stress and greater satisfaction...REAL CHANGE in their financial situations.



"Just wanted to let you know I've been following my saving and cash flow plan! My credit score went up significantly in the last 6 months and I looked at my savings account and thought "WOW, now I actually have a savings!"

T. Brown                                                                     

Miami, FL

Our Coaching Process

Financial Coaching is driven by your needs. We partner with you and hold you accountable to:

  • Determine your vision for financial success

  • Identify your core values, strengths and priorities so you can better leverage and honor them in the pursuit of your financial goals

  • Break down your financial goals into small, achievable action steps that are big enough to move you forward and small enough to be realistic

  • Develop new best practices for financial management

  • Identify and re-work negative perspectives, patterns or old ways of thinking that no longer serve you or the pursuit of your  financial goals

  • Determine what will best motivate you and hold you accountable to your goals

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