Money and the Personal Finance Taboo

People will talk about relationships, religion, even politics before we talk about personal finances. Oh, we’ll talk about money as a construct...but not about how we handle and think about money in our daily lives. Or about how feelings regarding money are often inherited from our parental figures. We suffer in silence when we need financial guidance, further withdrawing when we can quite get it right.

Having worked in Finance for so long, we are acutely aware of how touchy people become when discussing their personal finances. Even when consulting or coaching, it sometimes takes a few sessions to get to the root of a person’s mindset, activities, and habits. It’s a part of the process.

But why? Why are we so willing to talk about the most intimate part of our lives, like sex? But can’t have forthright conversations about savings, investments, debt, and money management? Until we can, let’s venture into double-entendre land.

May we introduce to you...Madam Money, aka Tarra Jackson. Her book, “Financial Fornication”, bridges that weird, uncomfortable gap. Using provocative language, she frames the path to financial independence and confident money management in a way that makes you giggle, blush, and high-five your homie. She is a dynamic speaker, who put the truth right in your face while making you face your financial truth.

On our October 14, 2019 broadcast, which featured Tarra as our guest, that’s exactly what happened. And while we encourage you to check out the entire broadcast, please check out a few short clips below to see what we mean.

First, Willa and Weslia opened the show with the