Where is My Money? : Unmasking the Power of the Budget

It’s so important that we acknowledge our needs, and re-frame our mindset about debt, cash, and wealth. Being broke should not be our default frame of mind...it should not be the baseline. And many of us are living broke simply because that’s how we think it should be. No matter what our income, we are living check-to-check while hoping and praying no emergency or catastrophe happens in the meantime. Do you have holes in your bag?

Holes in your bag...does this sound familiar?

(Video clip from "Securing the Bag" Workshop during the We Rise Recharge Women's Empowerment Conference, October 26, 2019)

Why are there holes in your bag? Consider these questions:

  1. Do you use a budget/spending plan for cash flow accountability?

  2. Is it Cash Flow? Or your relationship/mindset with money?

  3. Do you have savings for emergencies?

  4. Is your debt manageable? Or do you have an action plan to eliminate your debt?

These are standard questions asked as we get to know our one-on-one clients. But what’s so interesting is when we are presenting classes, seminars, and workshops, these are the same things that people identify as agents of anxiety and stress regarding their finances. Specifically, they mentioned financial fine tuning and accountability, saving for emergencies, and being overwhelmed with debt. And having an effective budget or spending plan will allow you to address these agents individually and collectively.

When we ask “How many people have a spending plan or budget that they consistently use?”, it is ALWAYS less than half...and usually closer to 25-30%. And even worse, t