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Financial Independence: Co-Hosting the Stacking Benjamins Podcast

Sometimes, an opportunity comes along that lights a fire underneath your already hot skillet! We would like to share one of those experiences with you, our TFC family!

From L to R: Dusty (GreenPath Financial), Joe Saul-Sehy (Stacking Benjamins), Chris Mamula (Choose FI, co-author), Weslia (TFC), Doug (Announcer for SBP), Willa (TFC)

Last week, we were invited to co-host a segment on the award-winning The Stacking Benjamins Podcast. Though normally held in a basement (the host's mother's basement, no less!), this was a live recording at GreenPath Financial HQ in Farmington Hills, MI, with an audience, and an amazing guest. (We’ll talk about him in a minute.) The fast pace, bumping beats, and quick wit provided a fun environment to administer and receive awesome tips, tricks, and personal testimonies of financial transformation.

With SB Host Joe Saul-Sehy, we had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Mamula, co-author of the book “Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence”. Along with co-authors Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa (founders of the Choose FI podcast and website), Chris has blazed a DIY path to his own financial independence, which he achieved in 2017 atthe ageof 41! Him and his wife work ONLY because they love what they do, and have the freedom to live their lives free of the encumbrances that often hinder personal joy. Or, as we like to say...they live abundantly!

behind-the-scenes images from live-audience recording! Oct 3, 2019

This opportunity strengthened our connection with professionals and individuals who are actively changing their mindset regarding their relationship with money. They embraced change in the now to enrich and improve their tomorrow. The coolest part? There is an entire Choose FI (financial independence) community that you can connect with in your local area! Click HERE to connect today!

The biggest takeaways for us:

  • Retirement does not mean the cessation of working. Being financially independent gives you OPTIONS! So, if you love your line of work, keep doing it without the pressure of salary, hours, etc.

  • Starting from ZERO means different things for different people. For some, zero means no consumer debt. For others, zero means zero net worth (assets minus liabilities). Figure out what financial independence means in your life, and set the next goal according to what you want and need for you and your family.

  • FRUGALITY is so personal. Housing, car, and food are our biggest expenses. But while one person may be able to live at home, or in a studio apartment, someone else may have a family that requires more space. Don’t feel like you have to out-cheap anyone else. Your journey to financial independence is indeed yours.

  • DIRTBAG MILLIONAIRES are a thing! It’s a funny term, but as Chris explains it, it’s literally living as frugally as you can so in the long run, you can spend on the things you enjoy without the burden of brokeness. Chris is an outdoor person, and he loves climbing. So in order to do as much climbing as possible, he sleeps in caves (instead of resorts) so that he is closer to the mountain, can climb instead of “work” and he is better able to purchase the equipment that makes him a better, safer climber.

This week's blog is special for us, because financial transformation has many paths. And as coaches, we want you to explore and research what ways works best for you, your situation, and your goals! We are proud to be a resource hub as you embark on your journey to abundant living, and invite you to check out the people, courses, podcasts, and books that inspired this blog!


Check out a video of the live portion of the podcast below, or click here to see it on the Stacking Benjamins FB page!




Be blessed, have a great weekend, and don't forget to tune in this Monday to our live radio show on Motor City Woman Radio at 11am! This week's topic is "Financial Fornication" with guest Tarra Jackson aka Madam Money.


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