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Meet Weslia

I am a wife and mother, and I love warm weather, fine dining and spa experiences, dancing, movies, traveling, and fashion. I also enjoy cooking and listening to podcasts, Praise and Worship music, 90s and 2000s R&B/Hip Hop, and House music.

I am your financial big sister. 

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Hi! I am Weslia

I co-founded Trinity Financial Coaching in 2011 and became an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) in 2015. Instead of diving straight into my budgeting prowess, how I improved my credit score to 800, or my favorite investments, I want to share a more personal journey—one that intertwines deeply with faith and the challenges many of us face when seeking divine direction but feel stuck because of our finances.

I know I wasn't alone in this struggle. In fact, 58% of Americans feel their finances control their lives rather than the other way around. Here’s how it unfolded for me:

Two months after my youngest daughter was born, I landed my dream job as a Financial Advisor at a national brokerage firm. But just as I was celebrating this milestone, my daughter was diagnosed with "failure to thrive," a term I had never heard before. She was undernourished and couldn’t process enough calories. At just 9 pounds, my baby stopped growing at two months old. We faced a barrage of tests and doctors’ appointments, trying to understand why she couldn’t keep food down. She was hospitalized for a month because her low body fat meant that even a common cold could be life-threatening.

During this challenging time, I was praying and fasting for her healing while also working, training, and studying to pass my Series 7 exam. Failing the exam would mean losing my job, and not working wasn’t an option for us. How were we going to afford the only formula my daughter could tolerate, which was nearly three times the cost of regular formula? I had to surrender all to God in those moments, trusting Him with my daughter’s health and my career. It was a test of faith, where I earnestly sought God's guidance and leaned on His wisdom and strength.

When my daughters were 3 and 6, my husband and I made significant strides in our careers and entrepreneurial ventures. But the daily grind was taking its toll on me. My heart was breaking despite telling myself that “quality time” mattered, not the quantity. I prayed, asking the Lord to show me how I could be the mother I desired, support my husband, and continue doing what I loved as a financial advisor. Here I am again, earnestly seeking God for wisdom and direction.

Then, the next morning, I was suddenly offered a job that provided the flexibility I craved, allowing me to fulfill my calling—here’s the catch: It would be at half my previous salary. The Lord told me to shift, and walking in wisdom and obedience, I did.

We became accountable for what we prayed for, realizing we could no longer let our finances control our lives. We had to take control of our finances. Although we had obstacles along the way, our STEWARD Identity™ gave us the faith-fueled confidence to develop our unique path to financial freedom and fulfillment! 

My husband has been a successful entrepreneur for 30 years, and I have been happily married for over 30 years. We've become “snowbirds,” living half the year in Michigan and half in Arizona—we are empty nesters! Our daughters are thriving adults in their late 20s, and we are starting to create our lasting impact and legacy through philanthropy.

I know what it’s like to live a life steeped in God-reality, God-initiative, and God-provision without fear of missing out. I am living in financial fulfillment.

This is my story. What’s yours? How is God leading you down your path to financial fulfillment?

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