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Transform Your Financial Future

6-Months of One-on-One Financial Coaching

Starting your journey with our Focus Strategy Session sets the foundation, but the greatest impact happens with a long-term coaching relationship. Our 6-month One-on-One Financial Coaching program offers the depth and continuity needed to achieve lasting financial transformation. This partnership provides ongoing collaboration to deepen self-awareness and provides consistent support, encouragement, and accountability as you define and pursue your financial goals.

What to Expect

Our coaching sessions progress from weekly to bi-weekly and eventually to monthly, providing a structured yet flexible approach. Throughout these sessions, we’ll equip you with tools and insights to facilitate:

Walking in Your STEWARD Identity™

Embrace your unique path guided by faith-fueled confidence.

Values Alignment

Connect your goals with your underlying values for a purpose-driven approach.

Internal Motivation

Address barriers and maintain the drive to succeed.


Gain clarity about your financial and life goals.

Progress Towards Milestones

Achieve the five key financial milestones through actionable steps.


Stay committed to your agreed-upon actions.

Ready to transform your financial future?

Why Choose 6-Months of One-on-One Financial Coaching?
  • Tailored Support: Our program is personalized to your unique financial situation and goals.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from nearly a decade of experience in financial coaching.

  • Consistent Progress: Regular sessions ensure you stay on track and make continuous progress.

  • Faith-Fueled Confidence: Walk confidently in your STEWARD Identity™, knowing that your financial decisions align with your values and aspirations.

“I wanted financial coaching to eliminate debt and budget monthly spending. My money mindset shifted tremendously. I previously felt very overwhelmed and negative about my financial situation and how to get out of debt. After financial coaching, I found confidence, strength, and a sense of control over my finances and a debt-free future. I gained tremendous confidence in managing my debt, saving money, and budgeting for the things we want and need. I would previously be crippled with anxiety and hesitant to make any financial decision. I now have the confidence to make the right choices for myself and my family and have a solid plan for the future. I am so grateful!” 



  • 6-Month Financial Coaching Pay in Full

    6-month 1:1 Financial Coaching Plan
    Valid for 6 months
  • 6-Month Financial Coaching Monthly Pay

    Every month
    6-month financial coaching (monthly payment plan)
    Valid for 6 months

If you choose the monthy payment plan, your payment will recur monthly from the purchase date for the full term of the coaching package. A 30-day written notice is required to cancel the recurring payment and/or coaching package.

Ready to transform your financial future?

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