Minding my mind: Developing the mental strength for Financial Transformation

Change is beautiful. It is necessary. It is inevitable. As adults, we have all conquered some form of change. Because that's what we do! We shift, we move, we evolve. And everyday, we are bombarded with affirmations and memes...quotes and cliches that remind us of change's eventuality, it's pain, and ultimately, the triumph of making it to the other side.

But, what about the mental fortitude it takes to sustain while in the midst of transformation?

On our September 9, 2019 radio show, Developing the Mental Strength for Change, Weslia and her guests, Reverend Linda Seatts-Ogletree and Dr. Nyreia Harrington-Wright, discussed and shared the mental and spiritual strength it takes to facilitate effective and long-lasting change in your life. The discussion covered many topics, including relationships and careers...and the one common thread that connects that discussion to this week's financial transformation topic is MINDSET.

"How" you think and "how" you process could be the single-most detrimental aspect of your financial transformation...but TRUST, we are here to help you conquer that! As financial stewards, we not only help you identify ways you may be (unintentionally) sabotaging your financial transformation, we also work with you to develop a different mindset to achieve your financial goals. And it all starts with a solid foundation.